Opening Doors

The Open Doors Foundation believes that all families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people should have the same opportunities as others. We provide grants that support a family, improve their wellbeing, increase quality of life and ease many of the pressures they often face. Many of the people we work with have previously had the doors closed to them and we are here to open those doors and provide much needed assistance. With your help we can keep these doors open.

Over the past 8 months we have been helping children and young people and we know there is so much more we can do to help. Social inclusion for most of these children is somewhat none existent and we need your help to change that. Follow these 6 simple steps to start us on our journey

  1. Watch the video showcasing some of the services we provide


2. We need you to LIKE our Facebook page

3. Follow us on Instagram

4. Visit our website to see what we are all about

5. Share the original post on any of your social media platforms

6. Donate if you can – financially or by providing equipment or your services

D onate white

Thank you in advance for your support

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