The Open Doors Foundation was set up to provide assistance to people who need it most.

The Open Doors Foundation believes that all families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people should have the same opportunities as others. We provide grants that support a family, improve their wellbeing, increase quality of life and ease many of the pressures they often face.


It is not always financial assistance that is needed, sometimes it is just knowing that you can pick up the phone and someone is there to listen. A sounding board for you to express how your feeling or if something can be done to make life a little easier. “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

Paul Webb (Coach Paulo) Paediatric Disability Consultant founded The Open Doors Foundation “to be able to offer people who have otherwise had doors closed to them in the past, opportunities that we take for granted every day. Seeing the small changes we make to each child we work with gives me the determination to continue making a difference no matter how small. What may seem like a small change to you or me can make a massive impact on somebody else and how they live their life.”

Kris Zielosko (Krzysztof Zielosko) Art Teacher, Photographer and Disability Development Personal Trainer founded The Open Doors Foundation because “I always believe that every step in our lives makes sense. The most beautiful things which we can do is to help others – especially for those who begin life on an uneasy pathway. My aim is to use my skills to further develop and create awareness for our foundation to help as many people as we can. With your help we can change their pathway”.

You can see how the support we have had has already given has helped many people but we need your help to continue this great work, to put a smile on peoples faces. The funding that we have already received has enabled us to: build walking bars to help clients to be able to walk again following extensive operations, provided aquatic therapy which has removed the need for oxygen masks to be used during the night, gained strength through land based therapy allowing clients to reduce tremors and increase their quality of life. Building a bespoke toilet for a client who was unable to get  to the toilet following reconstruction surgery.


Many of the people we support have to travel to other countries including Spain, UK, America, Austria to have operations or to see specialists. Many require equipment which is not paid for by the health services in their countries including, chairs, AFO´s (walking splints), electric wheel chairs, beds with side supports and movable sections, ramps, walking aids, rehabilitation equipment, car adaptations to name a few.


Our work is based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands Spain but regularly go to the United Kingdom to deliver training programmes for clients who are based in the UK. We aim to extend this to further countries in the coming months. Many of our clients have travelled to St Louis, USA to undergo SDR operations for Cerebral Palsy. We work with them for their pre-habilitation and rehabilitation along with pre and post operation support.


The Open Doors Foundation formally “Asociacion Deportiva Open Doors”.

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