How we help


Who we help?

With limited funding we try to help as many families as we can. We use our own eligibility criteria to ensure that we only help families in the most need.

If you say “yes” to the following, The Open Doors Foundation may be able to help you and your family:

  • Does your child have a physical or mental disability?
  • Does your child have care needs relating to incontinence?
  • Has your child had to stay in hospital over night in the last 12 months?
  • Does your child receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or equivalent?
  • Does your child regularly require Professional services? (therapists, consultants)
  • Does your child require additional equipment to support daily life?


How often can we help?

We will consider helping a family once every 12 months and will usually look at a grant application 12 months from the date of the last grant. We do understand that sometimes an emergency or critical situation relating to a disabled child or young person can occur. If this happens we will try to be flexible to the needs of families and may consider an early application, subject to available funding and level of support previously given.

The Open Doors Foundation´s support is discretionary and subject to available funding and so we may not be able to help with every item requested. We can consider a new application from you 12 months from the date of your award letter.

You will need to continue to meet all the Fund´s eligibility criteria. We review all applications and from time to time may ask you to provide further supporting information.


How we award a grant/service or item

Depending what you have asked for, we will award your grant in a number of different ways. We work in partnership with a range of providers who help us to make our funding go further and help us to evidence that the grant awarded is used for the purpose it is given.

We may provide you with:

  • A payment card for a request for an appliance, clothing, furniture, home entertainment and leisure items.
  • A product will be delivered direct to your home
  • A direct payment or voucher from a supplier towards a family break

In circumstances where we do not have a supplier partnership we may look at an alternative. This is at our discretion and is subject to receipt or pro forma invoice being recieved from the client. The funds or service equipment cost would then be transferred to the company or service provider.


How do I apply?

If you are applying for the first time you can:

Contact us for an application form or ask for one to be sent out to your home.

If you have applied before you can email us your account code and request an additional application form if you are eligible or an emergency or critical situation.


What happens after you apply?

We use our own eligibility criteria to make sure that we target our help appropriately. Once we receive your application we will need to check that you have provided us with everything we need. Missing information such as income and DLA (Disability Living Allowance) confirmation will delay an application. Please only send photocopies of this information.

  • If you have applied to us for the first time we may arrange to visit you in your home or speak to you over the telephone to discuss whether we are able to help.
  • If you are applying again we do need to confirm that you and your child continue to be eligible for help. This is easier when the application form is completed with as much information as possible and any changes in circumstances since your last application are included.

All application forms that we receive are looked at in date order and we try to process your application as quickly as possible.


How do I check progress?

Once your application form has been received you will receive a unique application code which you can use to email and check the status of your application.

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